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Crossroad for all things in the Star Trek Universe. If you’re looking for places to learn more about collecting, creating, or buying props and other high end collector’s items, this is the place to start.

Facebook Groups

Exo 6 Star Trek Collectors

Exo-6 Star Trek Collectors

FB Group focused only on Exo-6 Star Trek figures.

Star Trek: Auctions, Props and Wardrobe

FB Group focused only on Scree used and production made items and auctions.

Star Trek Uniform&Clothing

FB Group about uniforms, sewing patterns, refferences and materials.

Star Trek Prop Enthusiasts

FB Group for all Star Trek Prop Enthusiasts.


FB Group for all prop makers.

Star Trek Props, Costumes & Auctions

FB Group all abour props, costumes and auctions.

Star Trek Prop Makers & Collectors

FB Group for collectors and propmakers.

Props Related Websites


Starships, props, costumes and general Star Trek discussions.

Auction archive of It's A Wrap Star Trek lots and more.

Behind the scenes pictures and videos, Movies and TV Shows screencaps, News, Trek sounds and much more.

Auction Websites


Propstore is one of the largest auction houses in the US with live and on-line auctions covering all movie memorabilia, including other collector's items such as posters, figures etc.

Hero Prop

Auction house offering mainly props and wardrobe from various movies and TV shows.

The PropBlock

Auction house offering mainly props and wardrobe from various movies and TV shows.

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, as well as the largest auction house founded in the U.S.

Julien’s Live

Auction house covering wide variety of movie memorabilia.

Props & Collectibles Manufacturers

Star Trek Shop

Star Trek Shop

Official Star Trek shop offering all sorts of collectibles.


The best 1/6 scale figures from the Star Trek universe.

Factory Entertainment

Amazing Star Trek props and minitures.


Communicators, insignias, badges - all Star Trek items for your uniform and daily life.

General Star Trek News

The official hub for all things Star Trek.

Unofficial web focused on news, episode reviews, interviews and much more.

Interesting articles and news.

Star Trek news.