Review of Captain Picard’s figure from Exo-6

Exo 6 made a huge impact over the last year with their line of 1:6 scale figures and managed to resuscitate the world of Star Trek figures. With their attention to detail, impressive sculpts and well-crafted uniforms and accessories the fans have now a chance to own their favorite characters in smaller scale.

Jakub Holy • July-11-2022 08:26

Star Trek: The First Contact captain Picard figure beams down from Exo-6

Exo 6 made a huge impact over the last year with their line of 1:6 scale figures and managed to resuscitate the world of Star Trek figures. With their attention to detail, impressive sculpts and well-crafted uniforms and accessories the fans have now a chance to own their favorite characters in a smaller scale.

Our reviews will be mostly focused on the prop side of those figures compared to the screen used props to their scaled miniatures. We will also touch on the body and sculpt as well. The score is based on the accuracy of those items to the original with the scaling taken in count.

One of the first figures that were introduced last year was captain Picard from the movie First Contact. Picard comes with his signature vest, removable jacket, pants, undershirt, 4 pairs of hands, combadge, phaser and tricorder with holster and with a type 2 phaser rifle. The hexagonal transporter pad base has become a standard for these figures.

Sculpt 4.5/5

Picard’s sculpt is very well painted and shows his angry and focused expression compared to his more relaxed, but still strict face as we are used to. His expression perfectly catches the phrase from the movie “The line must be drawn here!” and reflects his haterate for Borg. From some angles the sculpt really looks like Patrick Stewart 100%, but from some other angles not as much. As with all Exo-6 figures you really have to see it in person to judge the likebility to the actor, as photos don’t catch it right. It’s still probably the best Picard’s sculpt we’ve ever seen on any figure.

Body 5/5

Picard’s body offers more then 30 points of articulation and lets you create wonderful poses standing and sitting. With Stewart’s height of 5ft 9 / 175.3 cm and the figure being about 30cm tall (including shoe height) it makes it a perfect match in 1:6 scale.

Uniform 4/5

The cut of all 4 uniform pieces was very well researched and brings an exact replica of the original, down to the last seam. The structure of the fabric is absolutely on spot and even the grey parts are made from 2 different fabrics just as the original.

If you count the “ribs” on the top of the uniform jacket, you’ll come to a number 14 compared to the screen used version where there is 13. If this happened because of manufacturing process or Exo6 looked at his stunt costume (where there are 14 ribs) is unknown- Still very close and honestly who cares. 🙂

The only thing that Exo6 didn’t get right, are the colors. You can see it compared to a screen used Sisko’s uniform (which had the same colors) and they are a bit off. The command red is very close. The grey is just way too light and black has a very different tone. I’d say that for a company with limited budgets and resources it just wasn’t possible to get all screen used items and uniforms to match the colors exactly. Anyway, if you are not as lucky as someone who owns a screen used piece, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Phaser 4.5/5

Phaser itself is a wonderful recreation of the original and captures it perfectly with the red trigger button introduced in First Contact. Compared to screen used version there is a small blue label missing on the bottom of it, but because Picard has it in hand or in holster, you wouldn’t even notice. There are some slight differences in terms of the shape and button size. Making such a small replica must come with some slight adjustments like these.

Phaser holster 2/5

The original phaser holster had a texture to it compared to this scaled replica which has none. I don’t know if this level of detail is even achievable in such a small scale. The shape isn’t great at all – from top to bottom. The rear part holding the handle is a bit too short and a different shape. The front part is just a completely wrong shape being flat and too wide.

Holster is attached to the uniform by magnets which is a great idea and works perfectly. The original was attached by military “Alice clips” to fabric hooks, but I’m really happy they didn’t use those. It would be a nightmare to attach it. Phaser fits in the holster perfectly and it’s very easy to manipulate with.

Tricorder 5/5

The TR 590 Mark X Tricorder is split into two parts, which are held together by magnets. This is to ensure easy manipulation while opening and closing. The original was obviously a one-part thing held together by a wrench, but it’s great, that Exo-6 didn’t try to replicate that as this works perfectly. Graphics are very well done, and the level of detail is great.

Tricorder holster 2/5

Same as the phaser holster, it is attached to the uniform by magnet. Again, there is the missing texture and the shape on the top is wrong.

Phaser rifle 4/5

The Type 2 phaser rifle with the round nose was a standard issue in First Contact, however Picard held this particular rifle only for about 2 seconds in the movie. In the main scene he has a rifle with the square nose. Why has Exo-6 decided to give him this one I don’t know, probably because this version is more versatile and could be used with other characters from different series. The rifle itself is nice, but the paint scheme and some smaller details are slightly off. There were few different versions used in the movie, so the sculptor just picked one, which is fine. The only thing missing is the side strap which was on all versions. Overall it is a very nice recration of the original prop in this scale.

STProps Score 4.5/5

We just love this figure. It’s beautiful, well made and brings a lot of joy. Except of few minor details we can’t complain about anything. If you don’t own this figure, try to grab one. It’s worth it!

*The score is based on the accuracy of the scaled version compared to the original in terms of esthetics. We also take in count the practical and visual aspects of the scaled replicas.

** STProps Score is our score based on all the other scores and our feeling from the figure itself.

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