Review of Star Trek: Discovery Michael Burnham figure from Exo-6

The best figure we’ve ever seen in the Star Trek universe?!

Jakub Holy • July-19-2022 20:14

Not everyone is a fan of the new installment from Star Trek universe, but if you are into Exo-6 figures, you must be a fan of this one. This is, without a doubt, the best figure ever made in the Trek universe. Bold statement, I know, but it is just superb.

It’s clear that thanks to all the 3D files made available by the studio, tons of reference materials onlin,e and HD screen caps, Exo-6 had a much easier job developing this figure and its accessories. They really took a full advantage of these resources and made a figure that stands out in terms of quality, screen accuracy and detail.

It’s obvious that Discovery and Strange New Worlds figures will be even more screen accurate then figures from the older shows. Research is the key, and it’s an easier job, when fabrics and patterns are still available as well as HD pictures of props and costume parts.

Michael comes with astonishing range of accessories, that include:

  • 6 left hands (including the one attached to the figure)
  • 5 right hands (including the one attached to the figure)
  • Phaser with removable Type 1 Phaser and magazine
  • Phaser rifle
  • Communicator
  • Tricorder
  • Belt
  • Communicator Pouch
  • Phaser holster
  • Tricorder holster

Also included is the base featuring the transporter graphics from USS Discovery and Museum Archive card for actor’s signature.

In short – Michael Burnham is an outstanding figure with so much detail, which you can study for hours. Let’s dive in and talk about each aspect of this figure.

Packaging and Base 5/5

As with all new releases, the packaging follows other Star Trek collectibles in terms of its design. Exo-6 learned from their previous mistakes and offers a packaging, where your figure stays safe even through long transport and handling from China. One small detail they missed while creating the plastic insert is the length of the utility belt, which doesn’t fit to the tray and is added to the back of it. On the side note, Exo-6 did mention that to their fans via Facebook. It looks like they also reinforced the back of the black plastic tray with some additional clear plastic support. Interesting is, that shipping for most of their figures even to Europe doesn’t take more then 10-14 days, which is an awesome achievement in this time and age, not to mention the turnover between figure preorder and delivery, which is in warp-speed.

Sculpt 5/5

As we learned from previous releases – NEVER judge a sculpt by its promotional pictures, or maybe…just never judge a sculpt by its pictures at all. Exo 6 always overdelivers when it comes to sculpts shown on promotional images. This is the case as well. The sculpt is stunning and reflects Michael’s personality perfectly. It’s so perfect, it even has a small dip on her forehead and scar next to the left eye – yes you’re saying “Iˇve never noticed that”…me neither. I had to check some HD pics if it’s a mistake of the sculpt, or just a very deep detail. This is something I’ve personally never seen on a 1/6 scale figure. The sculpt is just stunning. That also goes with hands which are well painted.

Body 4.5/5

This is also the area where Exo-6 goes the extra step. Each bodytype is different and this figure is no different. Sonequa Martin Green has wider hips, with more narrow shoulders, so does the figure. I really like, how they are playing with all those different body shapes and sizes.

The body offers a wide range of movement and poses. My only complaint would be, that it’s very hard to pose her heels – due to the boots and its material which is quite stiff. This limits the number of action poses, that you can do. It’s a shame, because due to the large number of accessories, you could really “play” with this figure.

Uniform 5/5

This is without a question the best and most complex uniform that Exo-6 did to this date. The variety of textures and materials is amazing. The uniform features blue fabric, which on the screen used version was an elastic sport material, while here it’s more firm. I suppose that it’s just too hard to get a stretchy fabric in such a small scale to hold together.

Elbows, knees, and shoulders are done in flexible plastic with different pattern on knees. Patterns are slightly bigger then on the original, but you easily forgive that due to the scale. Side pockets zippers are done in print, which is just fine. The Delta details on the side of the uniform are very well made and the print is excellent.

All cuts, seams and colors look exactly like the original. My only small complaint would be the collar which seems a little bit too sharp.

Boots feature all the little details such as a zipper, small deltas and even a detailed bottom of the shoe – which you’ll probably never gone see. This shows the extent of which Exo-6 is willing to go while making it as screen accurate as possible.

If you want to know more about Disco uniforms, just follow this link, after you read this review:-)

Screen used uniform

Exo-6 uniform

Phaser 5/5

Phaser itself is 100% accurate recreation of the original. You can clearly see, that with the original 3D files the magic in 1/6 scale really comes to life. Type 1 phaser and magazine are both removable. It’s a feature, that you’re probably never going to use, but it’s there and you’ll know about it…and that’s just perfect. This is the most accurate prop recreation from Exo-6 so far.

Tricorder 5/5

So as the phaser this is on spot in 99% except the small row of buttons under the main screen, which are missing some small details. A great surprise is on the back of the tricorder, where you can find a removable scanner. BE CAREFUL WHILE REMOVING IT! I wasn’t, and instead of pulling it down, I pulled it up, which resulted in a part coming of. A little drop of glue will fix it, so no damage done.

Communicator 5/5

Again, an awesome 1/6 scale replica with the opening lid.

Phaser rifle 5/5

Not much else to say then it’s perfect…well nearly. As much as I really appreciate the retractable arm and folding grip…it’s a bit of a letdown, that you can’t fold the grip fully and just halfway. Why to go into so much trouble with a hinge when you can’t fold it.

Screen used gear

Exo-6 gear

Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator holster and belt 5/5

All these items look very much like their screen used counterparts. The phaser holster also features small delta which wasn’t seen on screen and brings a little creative license to the mix. Well… why not, in Discovery they put Starfleet logo on everything. Tricorder and communicator holsters are on spot, with the second holster featuring also a fabric top to secure the communicator. Compared to Voyager and FC holsters, this is a huge improvement in terms of screen accuracy.

STProps Score 5/5

There’s not much else to say except superlatives. This is definitely the best release so far and even if you’re not a fan of Disco, you shouldn’t miss this one, it’s worth every dime.

*The score is based on the accuracy of the scaled version compared to the original in terms of esthetics. We also take in count the practical and visual aspects of the scaled replicas.

** STProps Score is our score based on all the other scores and our feeling from the figure itself.

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