HOW TO use our website?!

Learn how to fully take an advantage of our website. In this article we’ll tell you how to register, update your profile and add a first item to your collection!

Jakub Holy • July-14-2022 07:09

Do you want to know how to create an account on this page and start uploading your props, costumes, prop-replicas and other related items?

It’s quite simple!

How to register?!

  • Click on LOGIN&REGISTER on the right side of the top menu bar
  • In the small window click on register
  • Fill in your details and click on REGISTER
  • Your account is created …. Just click on LOGIN&REGISTER and login to your account

How to manage your collector’s account?!

You can easily add information about you, your social media links, cover photo and main photo.

  • On the right side of the top menu click on MY ACCOUNT and then from the drop down menu on PROFILE
  • Click on the small wheel under the main banner and select EDIT PROFILE
  • You can change your main photo, banner and info about you as well

How to add items to your collection!

Please bare in mind, that this website is for Props, costumes, replicas, production made items etc. We don’t allow figures, models, and generic collectibles.

  • Click on COLLECTION and from the dropdown menu to ADD A NEW ITEM
  • Then just fill out all the info and upload your pics. It’s mostly drop-down menus and after you add one or 2 items, you’ll get the hang of it

Meet other collectors

  • Click on COLLECTION and from the dropdown menu on COLLECTORS

You can see all registered collectors, explore their collections or get to know them via their social media. Just click on the collector, that you want to see.

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Jakub Holy

Hey, my name is Jakub, I’m from Czech Republic (Europe) and I’ve been a Trekkie for over 30 years My collecting carrier started when I got an issue of German magazine back in the 90s. After that it was a wild ride when I was collecting anything, I could get my hands on – it was a different time, and it was very hard to get Star Trek related stuff. My collection narroved over the years and I’m focused only on screen used props and costumes, high end replicas and Exo-6 figures. I’m focused only on Starfleet stuff mainly different devices and uniforms. Being a huge prop fan and owning a business in propmaking for movies and TV shows, I came with the idea of bringing to life.

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