Heritage Hollywood and Entertainment Signature Auction

Ray Minarcik • July-14-2022 16:27

Heritage Hollywood and Entertainment Signature Auction

On July 22nd, Heritage is having their big entertainment auction, which includes several notable Star Trek lots that include:

  • “Breathing” Tribble from The Original Series.
  • Romulan Disruptor Rifle from Deep Space Nine (incorrectly labeled as being from “The Next Generation”)
  • Klingon Rura Penthe Mining Laser from Star Trek VI
  • Borg “vest” from The Next Generation
  • “Science I” Bridge LCARS from Generations
  • Romulan Warbird LCARS from Deep Space Nine
  • Deep Space Nine Clapper owned by James Darren
  • Klingon Torchbearer Dagger from Discovery
  • Hero “Dustbuster” Phaser from S1/S2 of The Next Generation

Starting bids seem to be on the low end; however, these auctions are always a mystery on where prices will land. Heritage can sometimes be on par with Prop Store prices, but with the current status of the global economy, we may see more conservative final values. I will say that what we saw at Prop Store’s big summer auction was that big ticket items on Day 1 go for insane money, while mid and lower tier items featured on Day 3 go for much more reasonable prices (some ending up as unsold). It’s really anyone’s guess but we will be sure to share the final results when they come in.

You can check out photos of the lots being offered and Heritage’s website below:



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