Heritage Auction Results: The Phaser That Left All Others In The Dust(buster)

Ray Minarcik • July-27-2022 15:17

Star Trek Still Going Strong!

As we have seen over the last few years, Star Trek props and production pieces consistently yield high sold values at auction. Each auction is different and of course you don’t always know what is going to happen, but the major players in the auction world seem to get the demand that sellers crave and buyers bemoan over.

Right off the heels of Prop Store’s mega summer auction, Heritage came to the table with a huge auction of their own. The Star Trek lots featured were not nearly as numerous as Prop Store had; however, there were some key pieces that really reaffirmed the demand for Star Trek is still going very strong.

Out of 14 lots (counting just props/production pieces and not ephemera, toys, etc), 12 were sold, two unsold, and the final total coming to $39,575.00 ($49,468.75 including the 25% buyer’s premium). The big surprise of the day was the hero “Dustbuster” phaser from producer Joel Silver’s collection. This baby went for an astonishing $15,000.00 ($18,750.00 with buyer’s premium) and is probably the most expensive TNG-era weapon ever sold at auction. This author tried valiantly to get his hands on it himself, but was outbid faster than you can say “Make it So.”

In the end, I don’t think we are totally surprised to be seeing these sort of astonishing, astronomical prices as it’s been pretty consistent over the last few years. Some of us know of big-time collectors with deep pockets that are the likely new owners of these once affordable pieces, but some now wonder if investors are now turning to these auctions to keep them as short (or long) term investments over uncertain stocks, crypto, etc. The market clearly shows the return on investment is there, so we may be entering a new era where the mega rich can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a combadge and the everyday collector is left to hunt for that illusive bargain.

For a complete list of Heritage’s Star Trek auction results, click on the link below to access our archive:

Heritage Hollywood and Entertainment Signature Auction #7269

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