FanSets are teasing new SNW badge

FanSets are expending their range of badges and communicators with new SNW badge.

Jakub Holy • July-13-2022 04:16

New badge from FanSets from Strange New Worlds coming in early August

FanSets are expending their range of badges and communicators with new SNW badge. In addition to their recently released TWOK and TMP badge, this this is another high-quality metal badge available as magnetic or pin badge. It will be a great addition for any cosplayer or SNW fan. FanSets are trying to cover the whole range of Star Trek universe, including the new animated shows, with some very accurate releases for a decent price. Most of their badges are starting at $17.95. Let’s hope this badge will be a nice accurate reproduction of the original and will bring a lot of joy.


You can check out their offer at:


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