Voyager Stunt Laser Scalpel

This is a stunt resin laser scalpel. Though different iterations were used, this one appears to be in the Voyager paint scheme. The hero ones were made out of aluminum and the acrylic tip would light up when the button on the back was pressed.

Faction: Starfleet

Specification: Prop, Medical device

Appearance: Voyager

Screen used: Yes

Screen Matched: No

COA: Yes

COA Issued By: IAW

Made By: Michael Moore

About the collector

Ray Minarcik

Ray started collecting screen-used and production-made props since the great It's a Wrap! days, but became a serious collector in 2012 with the addition of the TOS "I, Mudd" necklace. Since then, Ray has added many iconic props, LCARS, and set pieces to his collection (with a few wardrobe pieces sprinkled in). He is the creator and administrator of the Star Trek: Auctions, Props, and Wardrobe Facebook group and has positive, working relationships with not only former and current production crew members, but also several large auction companies to share news and sneak peaks of upcoming lots. Ray has been able to source many different types of props and production materials to collectors, either long-term or new to this great hobby, to add to their own collections.