Official Star Trek Prop and Costume Auction

Auction House: Propworx

Date: August-5-2010 - August-8-2010

Type: On-line auction

Total Lots: 449

Star Trek Lots: 449

Propworx, in association with CBS Consumer Products, join forces to bring the Star Trek Prop and Costume auction to Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton on August 5-8, 2010. On the auction block are original props and costumes used in the production of various Star Trek television series and movies.

Auctioned props


Data Disk

This Data Disc was used during the production of Star Trek: The Original Series. These…
Lot number: 0001

Spock’s Prosthetic Vulcan Ear Appliances

Prosthetic Vulcan ears worn by Leonard Nimoy during production of Star Trek: The Original Series.…
Lot number: 0002