As lifelong fans of Star Trek, many of us have ventured into collecting props, costumes, and production material from the series and movies. There have been different online resources over the years that we have turned to for information; however, many of them are outdated or simply don’t exist anymore. This is why a few dedicated individuals came together to create a new website that will not only bring old and recent auction pieces, hidden collector’s treasures and licensed prop replicas together in one place, but will become a much larger platform for collectors to use.

What is

STProps serves as the hub for all things related to props, sets, and wardrobe. This includes information about the shows and movies we’ve loved our whole lives, but also exciting new information and details related to current productions.

It’s also a place for collectors to showcase and organize their collections online for anyone to admire. Even though our main focus is on production props and materials, we still want to give a chance for other collectors to show their own items and a craftsmanship.

Additionally, the page features dedicated areas for production members (current or long-time veterans who worked on Star Trek) to share their experiences as well as valuable information that collectors will find informative for their own collecting interests.


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